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Data Recovery Terms and Condition

  1. the Customer agree that all services provided by ITS for this engagement will be covered by the following terms and conditions:
  2. The Customer affirms that all submitted information is true and correct in all respects.
  3. The customer affirms that he/she is the legal rightful owner or representative of all files and data that are sent to ITS for data recovery work and that he/she has legal rights to access all data, information and files therein.
  4. The Customer attests that the recovered data will not be used for any illegal purposes. And, ITS, in providing recovery services is not participating in any illegal activity.
  5. ITS agrees to keep all submitted information, files and data in strictest confidence and will not disclose, transfer, duplicate, reproduce, retain, resell or in any way use all or any part of the information, files or data submitted to us. Reasonable measures will be taken by ITS to safeguard and protect all information, files or data while they are in possession of ITS, and to verify the identity of individuals to whom this information, files or data is released. Information, files and data in the possession of ITS will be destroyed after 5 working days upon handling over the recovered data to the customers and upon customer’s full payment of recovery services. Any subsequent request to look into the data will be treated as new job.
  6. If the customer does not collect the data media within a month upon notification for collection, ITS will assume the customer does not want the data media and will proceed to destroy the data media.
  7. In the case whereby Customer’s data media is lose due to negligence of ITS, a maximum compensation of S$200 will be paid. It is understood that all data media given to us are not in working condition and therefore ITS could not be responsible for the condition of data media upon returning to the customer after data recovery or preliminary diagnosis. All data media are treated as “spoilt” or “defective” by the Customer and ITS.
  8. Under all circumstances, ITS will not be responsible for incomplete recovery of data due to its inherent nature. Upon accepting the quotation with the list of recoverable files, the Customer is deemed to accept the recovered data in whatever conditions based on our best effort.
  9. Unless ITS agrees, incomplete data recovery may be given a discount and the rate will be decided by ITS on a reasonable basis.
  10. All prices and charges associated with the service will be made known to the customers via fax or email and the Customer is deemed to have accepted all the prices and charges to take up the services.

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