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Password Recovery

Passwords are the keys to access your data, if these passwords get lost you have to face many hardships. If you ever have faced the following situation:
  • Forgot or lost your passwords
  • Password destroyed
  • Password changed and you don't know the new password.

These are some of the situations, which leave you and your company in a serious problem. Exchange servers, Lotus notes, databases (Access, VBA, SQL) instances are password protected by the companies for secured access. 

You need a Password Recovery Services to recover your lost passwords. Our Password Recovery Technicians are waiting to recover or salvage your lost passwords.

We offer professional password recovery services to recover lost and forgotten passwords of Access, VBA, SQL, MS Outlook, Outlook Express, MSN Hotmail and Internet Explorer cached passwords. Our data recovery technicians successfully recover passwords of these applications. We can recover multilingual password(s) regardless of its length and complexity.


If you have any file repair and recovery requirements, contact us for more details

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