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Computer forensic investigation involves the collection of evidence from computer medium. This type of service involves an in-depth understanding of computer file systems programs, and communication standards. By using the same data recovery techniques used in the field of data recovery.

The primary objectives of our computer forensic services is to help companies and attorneys obtain electronic data from individual hard drives and systems for use in a court of law or other investigation. Our strict chain of custody policy ensures that every step is well documented.

A computer-forensics consultant will be assigned to your case from your initial call. This person will then meet with our attorneys to begin the process of developing an effective strategy for approaching and implementing our technology and methods to suit your individual case.

Our computer forensic engineers are trained to identify where key evidence is most likely to be located on the computer hard drive (or other medium) . This is often possible even when the medium has been "formatted" or "overwritten."

Depending on the requirements of our client, we can produce reports exhibiting our findings. Because every case has different requirements, the written report length and nature vary greatly.

Once the forensic investigation is complete, our computer forensic engineers can support your case by providing expert witness testimony.

If you have any recovery requirements, contact us for more details

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